Advocating For Strong, Healthy Waterways


Clean Water Advocacy Center empowers everyday citizens, serving communities that otherwise may not be able to access representation.


A Non-Profit Law Firm That's All About You

We help everyday folks, families, businesses and non-profits confront water injustice more quickly and thoroughly than they could do alone. We are not agenda-bound; we work for your interests, not ours. We are not exclusive; we are for everyone struggling for water justice. We are not-for-profit; we select our work for its societal value, not based on whether or not we can recoup fees.

Our mission is to provide affordable legal and advocacy services to ordinary folks fighting water quality, quantity and access abuses.


Some of the Ways CWAC Fights Water Injustice


Client Driven Advocacy

As a not for profit law firm focused on water justice, CWAC can represent community groups, individuals and nonprofits for a reduced price or for free, supported by our grant- and donation-based funders.


Providing High Level Input as an Experienced Stakeholder

As we build our client base, we believe it is important to participate in stakeholder meetings and other environmental advocacy meetings. Because I was a fundamental presence in the background of many of the most pressing water issues in the region, I can provide insight and suggestions that otherwise would be absent.

The #1 Reason You Can't Safely Swim In Urban Waterways

Cities across America face cascading problems because they failed to modernize and deferred maintenance on critical water infrastructure. Consequently, New Jersey alone discharges 23 billion gallons of untreated sewage from combined sewers into the state’s rivers, presenting an environmental and public health disaster.


Connecting Communities to Waterways

Access to public trust resources, most famously including beaches and shores of navigable waterways, gives the public a valued amenity and creates a sense of responsibility over waterbodies.


Fighting Lead, PFAS and other contaminants

Cities around the nation are increasingly aware of lead in their communities’ drinking water because of an ugly truth: for over 100 years, municipal leaders deferred water infrastructure investment to keep rates and taxes low.


The Exploring Zero Waste Workshop

We know that many people would make better plastics consumption and disposal choices but simply don't know why it is important or what changes they could make.

Our purpose is to end water injustice.