We fight to end water injustice

In 1972, Congress came up with a plan to end water pollution in the United States by 1985. In 2019, in New Jersey alone, sewers still send 23,000,000,000 gallons of raw sewage annually into the state’s waterways. There are waters near New York City which regulators struggle to keep clean enough for fish to even pass through safely. You and I often can’t eat fish from area waters because their tissue is full of pesticides, PCBs and mercury. What went wrong?

Corporations do not lack for adequate legal services; they never wish they had more attorneys to defend their actions; they have plenty of advocates to convey their interests to state and federal regulators; legislators hear from corporate lobbyists every day.

On the other hand, small non-profits often work on a frayed shoestring, struggling to pay their staff a living wage; they can rarely afford a private law firm to handle matters for them, and the few legal clinics that exist are often too busy to take on new cases. The situation is even worse for ordinary people, especially the economically disadvantaged communities that tend to bear an outsized burden when it comes to our damaging pollution.

So when we ask why are states so far behind the Congressional intent of cleaning up the nation’s waterways by 1985, we can see that the failure is in large part because polluting industries have every advantage in advocating for their position while you and I have few available tools.

Clean Water Advocacy Center exists to disrupt this imbalance.

We help everyday folks, families, businesses and non-profits confront water injustice more quickly and thoroughly than they could do alone. We are not agenda-bound; we work for your interests, not ours. We are not exclusive; we are for everyone struggling for water justice. We are not-for-profit; we select our work for its societal value, not based on whether or not we can recoup fees.

Clean Water Advocacy Center empowers everyday citizens, serving communities that cannot otherwise access representation. Our mission is to provide affordable legal and advocacy services to ordinary folks fighting water quality, quantity and access abuses. Our purpose is to end water injustice.

Please join our cause.