The Exploring Zero Waste Workshop

CWAC hosts the Exploring Zero Waste Workshop (E0WW), available regionally. We know that many people would make better plastics consumption and disposal choices but simply don't understand the issue's importance or how to address it. E0WW is a vehicle to engender and promote community conversations about the individual’s role in solid waste issues and plastics consumption. E0WW is framed in a positive manner and is designed to provide ideas, suggestions and tools to fight despair about the proliferation of single use plastics. 

We can provide resources and ideas to communities to help consumers accept fewer single use plastics and therefore discard less of them. As more towns consider rules limiting disposable plastics, citizen understanding and activism will be important to pushing these campaigns forward. By creating citizen activists, CWAC will encourage improved municipal plastics policies. We know that regulation minimizes windblown litter, limits marine impacts, improves solid waste management and helps ease the recycling crisis. We also realize that people who are just beginning to consider these issues can feel very overwhelmed. E0WW is here to help.