So Easy a Kid Can Do it

June 5, 2020

Have you ever written a letter to your senators to tell them what to do? If 9 year old Ava can do it this well, then you can too!


Democracy Takes Work

Here at CWAC, telling elected officials what to do is part of our job, but all the time we run into people who would love to give their elected officials an earful.

A lot of the time, we forget that our politicians work for us. If your boss didn’t tell you what you were supposed to do, you probably wouldn’t do what they wanted either. Little surprise then, that our elected officials so rarely do what we want. 

The truth is, elected officials hear from folks all the time, it’s just that the folks they hear from tend to carry briefcases and wear suits. For example, Facebook shared almost $81 million lobbying DC in 2019, and Amazon shipped $16 million to the capital. 

Elected officials really care about what voters want. After all, we’re the ones who decide whether they keep their jobs; ultimately, we’re their real bosses. So, while Exxon spends a lot of money ($9.75 million in 2019) telling officials what voters want, elected officials pay much more attention when real people tell them what we want directly. If they don’t, they can rest assured that we’ll bring it up at their November performance review.


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